Onesies - Onesies and Kigurumis as pyjamas and for at home

Onesies are just a great thing. That’s why they are now available for every occasion, as an elegant one-piece, as a cool outfit for the party, as a comfortable leisure option and of course also for at home on the sofa.

The Onesie is incredibly versatile and flexible. So you can style a regular onesie either up or down, depending on what accessories you top it off with.

Especially popular in the Kawaii and K-Pop scene, but also with cosplayers and for theme parties are the original Kigurumis. This trend, which originally came from Japan, has become more and more popular and you even meet cute little mice, bears, kittens, koalas, kangaroos, tigers and co. from time to time under quite normal everyday circumstances.

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Fancy Kigurumi & Animal Onesies

Especially popular and trendy are the Kigurumis – the costume hit from the Far East. These are one-piece plush animal costumes, including hood. All you have to do is put on shoes and the outfit is completely ready.

The fleece material of good quality Kigurumis is wonderfully cuddly, soft and light. In addition, the cute Kigurumis are also usually very durable and easy to care for.

Sturdy snap buttons on the front make it easy to put on and take off. Soft cuffs hold the animal onesie on the arms and legs, so that nothing slips and of course no heat is lost.

In terms of motifs, there’s really nothing that doesn’t exist. Currently popular, for example, are also mythical creatures such as unicorns, comic figures and fantasy figures. And next to it, of course, really every animal that crawls, flies, crawls, runs and jumps on earth.

That’s why Kigurumis are especially popular among cosplayers, carnival fans, Halloween freaks and simply all people who dare to wear the cuddly Kigurumis on the street or at the next party.

Since in this country the carnival falls in the cold season – as well as Halloween – the Kigurumis are perfect for the carnival procession and for Trick or Treat – because thanks to the cuddly fleece fabric and the practical hood you have it heavenly warm all the time.

True fans and kawaii devotees also use the versatile Kigurumis as chubby warm pyjamas or as house suits for lounging on the sofa at home.

Kigurumis – like other onesies – are typically very generously cut and look their cutest when oversized anyway. That’s why they are wonderfully comfortable, no seams pinch, nothing cuts in or constricts – simply great!

Accordingly, once most people have had a kigurumi on, they don’t want to do without it.

By the way, the name Kigurumi comes from the Japanese and can be derived from the words “kiru” (=”wear”) and “nuigurumi” (=plush animal). Thus Kigurumis are, so to speak, cuddly toys to wear.

For every taste great Onesies and Kigurumis with us in the online shop

On the one hand you will find many different Onesies – whether overalls with long pants or jumpsuits with short shorts. The top of this comfortable one-piece can also be found with long, short or no sleeves at all. Depending on which accessories you combine it with, you can create very different looks. Belts, scarves, jewellery and of course shoes are particularly suitable for making a fashion statement.

Of course, the comfortable Onesies and Jumpsuits are available in many different cuts, colors and patterns – just everything your heart desires.

As for the Kigurumis, you will find great motifs in different sizes and designs. Whether unicorn, fox, koala, panda, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Stitch, tiger, cat, mouse or rabbit – these and many other animals are available for the cozy cuddly Onesie.

So everyone finds something suitable for home, for the next carnival or Halloween party or simply for the city stroll on Saturday.

One more little tip to finish off. Even if the kigurumi itself is easy to care for and can be washed in the machine, for example, you should avoid washing the entire kigurumi too often by removing small stains locally. Fleece fabric absorbs other substances poorly, which is why it is easy to clean if you do not wait too long.

Anyway, we hope you have fun picking them out!