K-Pop is more popular than ever and the South Korean music style is practically sweeping the world. We’ll tell you a little bit about K-Pop and of course we’ll show you which great fashion styles you can find in our shop to match the K-Pop fever.

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Some of you may have heard of K-Pop, or even shorter Kpop, but you don’t really know what it means and where this music style should be classified. K-Pop is the abbreviation for Korean Popular Music.

K-Pop covers a very wide spectrum and includes parts of rap, rock and pop music. The songs have very easy catchy melodies and rhythms that are easy to remember. Accordingly, you produce one catchy tune after another that is easy to sing along to and great for dancing. Of course, the makers are smart enough to produce many songs entirely in English. At least large parts of the lyrics have English passages to make the genre interesting for the international market. The songs are typically about love, friendship and family.

A very clear characteristic is that the singers are always perfectly styled and wear gaudy, colourful and very creative clothes. Moreover, everything is perfectly choreographed and visually very appealing. This is true for the live performances as well as for the sophisticated music videos.

One of the most famous K-pop bands is BTS.

A little history of K-Pop

K-Pop as we know it today has been around for about 30 years. However, the roots go back much further. As early as the 1950s, US-Americans organized concerts in Korea, which were intended to introduce the Koreans to Western culture. As a result, many groups of young people imitated the style of music presented and began to play rock and pop music. In the process, the new artists first mixed American music with Korean, resulting in the original K-pop. About 30 years ago the genre achieved its final breakthrough in Asia, which was mainly due to the very successful group “Seo Taiji and Boys”.

The international breakthrough then came through the increased use of the English language. In recent times, the aforementioned boy band BTS has certainly played an important role in this.

A few words about the most famous K-Pop group – BTS

The group is also known as the Bangtan Boys. The abbreviation BTS is derived from the romanization: Bangtan Sonyeondan. It is a South Korean boy band formed in 2013 with. seven members. The name Bangtan Sonyeondan is a combination of the words for bulletproof and scout. In addition, the meaning Beyond the Scene was added in July 2017.

In February 2019, the Bangtan Boyz presented the award at the Grammys for. ”Best R&B Album” to singer H.E.R., making them the first K-pop group to make an appearance at the Grammys.

In the same year all concert tickets were sold out within a few hours and additional concerts were announced for all cities. Even huge scenarios like Wembley Stadium are filled effortlessly by BTS.

The newest album from BTS (Map of the Soul: Persona) appeared April 12, 2019. By March 18, 2019, the album had already been pre-ordered over two million times and managed to debut at number three in Germany.

In South Korea, the album became the best-selling music album of all time with -3.2 million records sold, breaking a 24-year-old record.

Membership was offered to BTS by Recording Academy in June 2019. This will allow the BTS to officially vote for the Grammys in 2020.

Even though K-Pop artists are typically bands with many members, there are of course solo singers as well. The most famous is certainly Psy. Because through the well-known song “Gangnam Style” K-Pop also became known in Europe. The dance made famous by him is imitated by many and enthusiastically danced at home, at parties or in the club. The video has been viewed over three billion times on YouTube alone.

Why Kigurumis and K-Pop go so well together

K-Pop fits perfectly into the whole Asian wave that is currently experiencing fashion and music business. Accordingly, many of the groups are dressed up in kawaii style and tend to appear cute, innocent, colorful and cheerful. And what fits better than a cuddly kigurumi? Accordingly, you see band members with kigurumis, mascots with stage appearances and of course lots of fans in kigurumis. You also stumble upon YouTube videos of fans dancing in cute kigurumis to K-pop music.

Suitable are of course all typical types of Kigurumis, as with comic characters, animal Onesies and imaginative Kigurumis, which can not be assigned to any particular genre.

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