Cosplay is more popular than ever. Cosplay fans love to see their favorite To portray characters from comics, movies and television as accurately as possible through elaborate costumes. However, there is much more to cosplay, because the cosplayer does not only want to look like the comic character, but also show a coherent behavior. So it’s more of a role-playing game than a simple disguise. You don’t just slip into a costume, but rather into a different personality.

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What is cosplay?

A few words about cosplay costumes

Costumes usually include accessories such as weapons, wigs, masks, jewelry, special make-up – often with special effects, fake ears, horns, and much more. Especially with superheroes, sci-fi characters and the like, the whole thing is sometimes very elaborate and not infrequently tends to perhaps even a little uncomfortable. In addition, many costumes are also relatively sparse, which is in terms of covering the body. In other words, you get your teeth chattering pretty quickly when the temperatures go down. But who wants to hide the lovingly put together, elaborately realized and incredibly attractive costume under a coat or at least a thick jacket?

Kigurumis for Cosplay

So it’s no wonder that you can admire great kigurumis at cosplay more and more often now. The cuddly Onesies are very trendy – even without a cosplay convention.

And what a true cosplayer is, he doesn’t want to give up his passion of dressing up in style even in the cold season. So why not choose a great cosplay costume in the form of a fluffy and toasty warm kigurumi?

These trendy Onesies are of course especially suitable for animal figures. Because there really isn’t an animal here that doesn’t exist. Whether it’s exotic animals like parrots, kangaroos, zebras, pandas, rhinos, tigers and the like, or more domestic animals like cows, cats, dogs and chickens – the spectrum is extensive. Of course, all the classic comics from Walt Disney and Pixar Studios are also popular, because whether Pluto, Mickey, Stitch, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty or Shrek, you can simply find everything.

The big advantage is that with a kigurumi you need practically nothing else. Possibly in a bit of make-up and maybe an accessory in the hand – you are already completely dressed and it can go. At the same time, you’ll be toasty warm and incredibly comfortable.

Here is what you should look for when buying

We advise to buy a good quality, because so you have of course much longer something of the beautiful Kigurumi. In addition, the Onesie should be easy to care for. Of course, it is best if the kigurumi can be washed in the washing machine. To dry, we definitely recommend turning the kigurumi inside out and letting it air dry. The dryer is not a good idea. In addition, it is best to remove stains immediately by hand. Because the more often you wash the kigurumi completely, the more it will suffer over time, of course.

As for the size, they are mostly one size fits all. If there are several sizes and you are unsure, the following applies to the Kigurumis: Better too wide than too tight. After all, part of your charm is somehow being comfortably oversized.

Cosplay Kigurumis with us in the Online Shop

You see – the idea with the kigurumi for cosplay on cold days is not so bad! If you now feel like trying a cuddly Kigurumi, then take a look around our shop at your leisure. Because we have great onesies for cosplay in our assortment. Of course, these are not only suitable for pure cosplay, but also for carnival, Halloween and theme parties.

Have fun browsing!