Airport fashion has become a popular trend around the world, with people dressing up to make a statement when they travel from one place to another. In Korea, airport fashion is an especially big deal, with people going all out to show off their style and stand out from the crowd. But who started this trend? This article will explore the history behind airport fashion in Korea, its rise to popularity, and how celebrities have helped it become a phenomenon today.

The concept of airport fashion has been around for some time in South Korea, but it wasn’t until the early 2000s that it began to take off as a trend among young people looking for ways to express themselves through their clothing choices. It was during this period that Korean celebrities began showing off their unique styles at airports, which helped popularize the trend even further. As more celebrities embraced airport fashion, it became increasingly popular among Korean youth, who wanted to emulate their favorite stars and dress like them when they traveled abroad or domestically within South Korea itself.

The Rise of “Nan”

As airport fashion grew in popularity throughout South Korea, so too did the term “nan” (낸). This term originated from the Korean word for “clothing” (내의) and is used to describe the style of clothing worn by those who are partaking in airport fashion trends. The term quickly gained traction among young Koreans and became synonymous with stylish airport looks that combined comfort with chicness and sophistication – something that many were striving for when dressing up for their travels abroad or domestically within South Korea itself.

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Definition of “Nan”

At its core, nan is defined as a type of clothing that is comfortable yet fashionable enough to be worn at airports or other places where travelers might be seen by others (such as restaurants or cafes). This can include casual items such as jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, hoodies, etc., but also more formal pieces such as blazers or dresses depending on the occasion or event being attended by the traveler(s). What makes nan unique is its ability to combine comfort with sophistication – something that many travelers strive for when dressing up for their trips abroad or domestically within South Korea itself.

Popularity of “Nan” Airport Fashion

Today, nan has become one of the most popular types of clothing worn by young people traveling within South Korea or abroad due to its combination of comfort and sophisticated style – something that many strive for when dressing up for their trips abroad or domestically within South Korea itself. This popularity has been further propelled by celebrities who often showcase their unique takes on nan-style outfits whenever they travel either domestically within South Korea or internationally outside its borders – further inspiring others to do the same!

Celebrities and Airport Fashion

Korean celebrities have played a major role in helping nan-style airport fashion become so popular today due to them showcasing their takes on these outfits whenever they travel either domestically within South Korea or internationally outside its borders – further inspiring others to do the same! These celebrity-inspired looks often feature bold colors and patterns along with trendy accessories such as hats and sunglasses; all designed not only to look great but also to keep travelers comfortable while on the go! Additionally, these looks often incorporate traditional Korean elements such as hanbok (traditional Korean dress) into modern streetwear designs – something which helps bring together both old and new cultures into one cohesive look!

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Different Types Of Nan Airport Fashion

When it comes to nan-style airport fashion there are several different types depending on what kind of look you’re going for; whether you want something casual yet stylish like jeans paired with a blazer; something more formal such as a dress; or even something traditional like hanbok paired with modern streetwear accessories! Ultimately it’s all about finding what works best for you while still staying comfortable during your travels!


In conclusion, nan-style airport fashion has become incredibly popular among young Koreans thanks largely in part due to celebrity influence combined with its ability


Which K-pop idol started airport fashion?

Airport fashion hasn’t always been an iconic shared moment between idols and their fans it was only in recent years – after BIGBANGs G-Dragon flourished the routine of dressing up for a flight. From then on, many celebrities took on a similar fashion, standing out from the crowd at the airport.

What did G-Dragon invent?

G-Dragon reportedly created a fan lamp called BangBong because he wanted his fans to stand out in the crowd as real VIPs. According to Mashable, the light stick differentiates Big Bang fans not only by the color but also by the shape of the design.

Who is the king of airport fashion in the world?

She is a true style icon!

Who is the Queen of fashion in K-pop?

The secret to Blackpink Jennie becoming a K-pop fashion queen. From the human Chanel look to the Boucheron muse and viral hairpins.

Who is the queen of fashion in pop idols?

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Kim Jennie
Blackpink, as a group, has been famous for creating waves both in the K-pop circuit and the fashion industry. One of their members, Kim Jennie, has been crowned the fashion queen by people several times. Jennie is constantly praised for her eye and love for all things style.

Who is airport queen fashion?

Malaika Arora is the queen of the airport with effortless style.