Japanese street fashion has been gaining traction in recent years, becoming a popular style of clothing around the world. It typically involves combining traditional Japanese garments with modern trends such as punk rock or gothic styles and often includes bright colors, accessories like hats or sunglasses, and even face paint or tattoos to make a statement about one’s style. In this article, we will provide an overview of where to buy japan street fashion, including popular brands, online stores, and tips on shopping for the best products.

What is Japanese Street Fashion?

Japanese street fashion is a style of clothing that originated from the streets of Japan and has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years. It typically involves unique combinations of various elements such as kimonos, traditional Japanese garments, and modern trends such as punk rock or gothic styles. The look often includes bright colors, accessories like hats or sunglasses, and even face paint or tattoos to make a statement about one’s style.

Many popular brands specialize in japan street fashion, including A Bathing Ape (BAPE), NEIGHBORHOOD, WTAPS, visvim, UNDERCOVER, and more. Each brand has its unique take on japan street fashion which can be seen through its designs and collections. BAPE is known for its iconic shark hoodies while NEIGHBORHOOD focuses on military-inspired designs with a hint of punk rock influence. WTAPS is known for its classic Americana-style pieces while visvim takes a more minimalist approach with its timeless designs that emphasize quality over quantity. UNDERCOVER is perhaps the most avant-garde out of all these brands as it often experiments with bold prints and unexpected cuts for an edgy look that pushes boundaries every season.

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Where to Buy Japanese Street Fashion Online

Shoppers can find japan street fashion online at stores such as Zozotown, Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM), Rakuten Global Market (RGM), Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Shopping Japan, and more. These stores offer a variety of items from different brands at varying prices so shoppers can find something that fits their budget while still getting quality products from reliable sources. Prices tend to be cheaper than buying directly from the brand’s website due to discounts offered by these retailers so it pays off to shop around before making any purchases to get the best deals possible.

Shopping for Japanese Street Fashion in Japan

For those looking to shop for japan street fashion in person while visiting Japan, there are several options available such as department stores like Isetan or Takashimaya; specialty shops like Harajuku; vintage stores; or even second-hand markets like Ueno Ameyoko Ichiba Market or Shimokitazawa Sunday Market which offer great deals on used items from famous brands like BAPE or NEIGHBORHOOD at discounted prices.

Shopping for Japanese Street Fashion in the US and Europe

For those living outside of Japan who want to purchase japan street fashion items without having to travel overseas, several websites offer international shipping such as Karmaloop which carries a wide selection of both men’s and women’s apparel from popular brands like BAPE or NEIGHBORHOOD; Superdry which offers casualwear with a hint of Japanese style; Urban Outfitters which sells both men’s and women’s apparel inspired by Japanese street culture; or ASOS which offers a variety of clothing pieces with a unique twist on traditional Japanese designs.

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Tips on Buying Japanese Street Fashion

When shopping for japan street fashion it is important to do your research before making any purchases so you know exactly what you’re buying is authentic and not counterfeit merchandise made with inferior materials that won’t last very long either way it pays off to shop around compare prices between different retailers until you find the best deal possible when it comes down to its quality should always come first when purchasing any item especially when it comes to something as special as Japanese street fashion. It also helps if you know what type of look you’re going for before shopping since this will help narrow down your choices considerably based on your style preferences.

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Japanese street fashion has become increasingly popular around the world over the past few years due to its unique combination of traditional garments with modern trends such as punk rock or gothic styles. If you’re looking for high-quality yet affordable pieces then check out Kiguki’s kawaii products! With our wide range of stylish items, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for any occasion no matter what your style may be.


Where to buy streetwear in Japan?

The most obvious choice is to head to the source where Japanese street culture began: Harajuku. Malls like Laforet have different levels each offering different styles of street fashion. Shibuya is a great place for streetwear just 10-15 minutes from Harajuku.

What is the Japanese streetwear style called?

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Gyaru (actually a subcategory of gyaru sometimes called ganguro) is a type of Japanese street food that originated in the 1970s.

Is streetwear cheaper in Japan?

Some clothing brands are cheaper in Japan. Fashion and streetwear brands of Japanese origin are always cheaper in the country of origin. But other brands such as Louis Vuitton Puma and Chanel can be found at Mitsui or Gotemba premium outlets in Japan at much lower prices.

Is it OK for foreigners to wear kimonos in Japan?

This is not only allowed but recommended. It is a sign of appreciation for Japanese culture. Many companies in major cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto rent kimonos to non-Japanese visitors.

What is the Harajuku style called?

Visual kei
Visual kei (“visual style”) is characterized by the use of garish costumes, flamboyant hair and makeup, and an androgynous look. Originally a movement within Japan’s music scene, the style was adopted by fans emulating their idols, making it in some ways a form of cosplay.

What is Harajuku fashion called in Japanese?

Kogal / ko-gyaru
Kogal / ko-gyaru (high school) This style centers around Japanese high school uniforms made fashionable – short skirts, ties, and makeup. Knee- or thigh-high socks often feature, either pulled up or sitting loose.