Nan is a popular fashion trend that originated in Japan and has become increasingly popular around the world, including in Europe and North America. It encompasses a wide range of styles and looks, from cute and colorful to dark and edgy, making it an ideal style for creating unique costumes for any occasion or event. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular nan-inspired costume ideas, as well as tips on how to create your DIY nan costume and where you can find pre-made versions online. We will also look at accessories that you can use to complete your look and make it truly stand out!

What is Nan?

Nan is a type of Japanese street fashion that was inspired by Harajuku culture but has since evolved into its distinct style. It typically features bright colors, bold patterns, lots of layering, oversized clothing, and accessories such as hats and bags with cartoon characters or other playful designs on them. It’s often seen as a way for people to express themselves through their clothing choices in an effortless yet fashionable way.

When it comes to creating a nan-inspired costume there are endless possibilities – from kawaii princesses with frilly dresses to punk rockers with ripped jeans or leather jackets – so you’re sure to find something that fits your style! And with the right accessories you can take your look up a notch and make sure it stands out in all the right ways!

When it comes to creating a unique costume inspired by nan fashion, there are plenty of options to choose from! Some popular ideas include dressing up like a kawaii princess with frilly dresses, tutus, tiaras, bows, or ribbons; or going for a more punk rock look with ripped jeans or leather jackets paired with bright colors and fun accessories like stuffed animals or cartoon character backpacks. You could also go for an anime-inspired look with pastel colors and oversized hoodies or sweatsuits – the possibilities are endless!

DIY Nan Costume Ideas

If you’re feeling creative then why not try making your nan costume? There are lots of tutorials available online that will show you how to sew together simple items such as skirts out of fabric scraps or even turn old t-shirts into funky new pieces with some paint and embellishments – all without breaking the bank! You can also get creative when it comes to styling your hair – think pigtails with bows or colorful clips – or adding makeup such as glittery eyes or bright lipsticks for extra oomph!

Tips for Creating the Perfect Nan Outfit

When putting together your nan outfit there are some key things to consider to achieve the perfect look: color coordination is key so make sure all pieces match each other; don’t be afraid to layer different items such as sweaters over shirts; accessorize – add hats, bags, jewelry, etc.; mix different textures (for example leather jackets over cotton shirts); lastly play around with proportions – oversized tops work great when paired with skinny jeans!

Accessories To Complete Your Look

Once you have put together your outfit don’t forget about accessories! These can help take your nan to look up a notch – think furry earmuffs, cat ears headbands, chunky necklaces, etc., which all add texture and interest without being too overwhelming. Additionally, if you’re going for an anime-inspired look then wigs can be great fun too – just make sure they match the rest of your outfit!

Where To Buy Nan Costumes

If you don’t have time (or patience!) to create your costume then buying one might be the best option for you – luckily there are plenty of places online where you can find pre-made nan costumes ranging from cute little schoolgirl uniforms right through to full gothic lolita dresses – just make sure they fit correctly before purchasing! Additionally, many stores now offer custom sizing which makes finding something that fits perfectly much easier than ever before!


Nan fashion provides endless possibilities when it comes to creating unique costumes – whether you want something cute & girly or dark & edgy there’s something out there for everyone! With our tips & tricks, we hope this article has given you some inspiration when it comes time to pick out your next costume – happy shopping & good luck!! And don’t forget to check out Kiguki fashion products when looking for ideas on what pieces will complete your perfect look!


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