Your cosplay is missing something specific? Here you will find everything your cosplayer heart desires, sorted by category.

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Cosplay Jackets, Helmets & Masks

Just cosplay costumes or putting together any outfits for a purpose or target audience, anyone can do that. But you’re not just anywhere, you’re on Kiguki – the online shop for cosplay, disguises and merchandise with the best selection.
Just as something you create should have a hand and a foot and it should include everything from A to Z, you will also find something from head to toe and from room to body for every purpose!

Cover your heads with cool caps, stylish hats or cuddly warm beanies for every head shape and every weather. We go even further, a whole shift even. If normal headgear is not enough for you, you will surely find the perfect headdress with wigs and save yourself time-consuming styling work or hair-dyeing. New hair length desired? The hair color should change quickly? You want to use several hair styles in one day? Go wild with wigs, which you can order right here. And if that’s not enough to cover your head, then you’ll find what you’re looking for in the helmets and masks section. There is no quicker way to style your head or change your look!


Of course, this can also be done one size smaller, but no less cool with cosplay accessories. Fancy glasses, fake piercings, necklaces, bracelets - whatever you need, here you will find the right accents for your fingers, arms and face. You can wear them outside of cosplay and dressing up!
And so that there are no wet feet, shoes would also be quite advisable. Well, unless you're Hobbits. From fan articles with your favourite cosplay motifs to components of your cosplay outfit, you will find the right shoes for your disguise here.
The cold is prevented already times at the feet, but straight with outdoor Shootings or generally worse climate, it is not wrong to take along a jacket. Also here we can offer you a large selection of cosplay jackets. From the cozy hooded jacket for chilling out, to the rad leather jacket for your cosplay, everything is taken care of here as well.


Since it's dangerous to go out alone - Link already learned that in the first Zelda - the appropriate cosplay weapon can't be missing. Arm yourself with a giant two-handed sword that you carry on your shoulder like Cloud from Final Fantasy 7, or grab a bow like Lara Croft. If you want to go more stealthy, you can also buy the Hidden Blades from Assassin's Creed here. And before creepy questions come up, yes it's really ONLY cosplay weapons here ;)
Speaking of toys, here on Kiguki you can shop for the little ones too! We also have a great selection of clothing, disguises, masks and accessories in small sizes to make your kids cosplays a success!
And if you don't just want to wear your love of cosplay, but also take it into your home, you'll find chic and stylish home decor items in our decor department. It would be boring if only humans had something from cosplay, wouldn't it?!







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