Want to grab your first ever Japanese kigurumi? Kigurumis are the famous and comfortable onesie pajamas, usually illustrating animals like a cat or rabbit or any famous fictional character. Kigurumis can be a funky addition to your wardrobe. You can transform yourself into your favorite animal or a cartoon character. Before helping you out with choosing your first kigurumi, let’s explore this Japanese costume.


Animal Onesies and Japanese Street Fashion

The trend of kigurumi is not new. This rare and special onesie first appeared in early 2000s on Japanese streets and slowly became a part of Japanese fashion. However, it took years for this trend to make headlines in the west. Now, just like in central Asia, there has been an exponential market growth of kigurumis in the US and Europe.

Famous manufacturers of kigurumis include Kigu and SAZAC. They are distributed worldwide by online traders like Amazon and Alibaba.

How Are Kigurumis Different from Traditional Costumes?

The material, funky characters, colors and sizes make kigurumis a popular costume. There are a number of reasons why a kigurumi differs from any other ordinary costume. Following are some features that highlight these differences:


The most standout feature of a kigurumi is its material. It is usually manufactured from a material called polyester fleece. The softness, warmth and durability of the fabric is combined with low maintenance as it can be simply cleaned with a brush.

Another highlighting feature of a kigurumi is its comfort level. These onesies are comfortable and provide coziness to the human body without restraining body movements. The additional characteristics like the hood, nose, funky ears and tails give off jovial vibes.

It’s All About the Colors

The fun part is the wide range of colors, mimicking animals like rabbits, cats, lions, crocodiles and even infamous cartoon characters like Tom, Jerry and Mickey Mouse. This makes these costumes popular among teenagers, babies and even young adults. It has given rise to new trends like costume baby showers and birthday parties. In the recent past, we have even seen famous celebrities having fun wearing these onesies, adding to their popularity.

It’s All About the Colors
Your Wardrobe’s First Kigurumi 6


You will often find newborn babies and infants wrapped in a cute animal-themed fabric, but kigurumis are not only available for babies and kids. There has been a large growth in their market among adults and teenagers, which is why they are available in almost all sizes. You may want to pick a larger sized one so that it has extra space for your comfort.


You should really own a kigurumi if you want to snuggle up with your friend or a loved one. The adult-sized onesies are trendy among young adults, especially during the winter season, to keep each other warm. There are many instances where this coziness comes in handy:

  • Kigurumis have become a popular night dress as many people consider these onesies soft and cozy enough to use them as their sleeping bags.
  • It is comfortable to do hour-long gaming sessions while being wrapped in one of these.
  • Throw one on if you plan to binge-watch a TV series on Netflix. It wouldn’t be too bad if you could be one of the characters you plan to watch, right?
  • Planning a sleepover? There is nothing better than a kigurumi on a sleepover where you hang out all night long, watching movies, munching snacks and playing games.

What’s It Worth?

Kigurumis have gained attention of numerous costume manufacturers around the globe, thus increasing the competition and getting the prices down. Kigurumis are now easily available online in almost every country. The price usually depends on the size, features and material.

Who Should Buy One?

The trendy and cool kigurumi pajamas are made for everyone, from teenagers and children to adults. They come in a vast variety of animals and cartoon characters, so there is no need to ask yourself whether you will be able to find one with your favorite on it.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or adult. A kigurumi is designed for the inner child in you. The next time you are having trouble deciding what to wear to a costume party or a relaxed event, you know what to add to your wardrobe.

There are many other reasons to get one:

  • For a baby, a kigurumi adds to their cuteness.
  • Children are the target market of these onesies.
  • If you are a teenager, cute animals are all the rage these days.
  • If you are a young adult, putting one on can be courageous, but you’d love to be on the receiving end of all the positive attention.
Your Wardrobe’s First Kigurumi 7

Why You Should Get One?

You may still be asking yourself, why does my closet need one of these? Because:

  • They are trendy
  • There is always one for each occasion
  • It comes with your favorite character on it
  • You’re huggable the moment you put it on
  • It is impossible to quarrel with someone wearing a kigurumi, so they are a pledge of harmony
  • It is an alternate to your sweats and hoodies during the winter season.

A Popular Trend

Teenagers today want to follow the social media trends and love to get adored and complimented by their friends and followers. If you wear one with pleasure and put pictures on social media, you will be sure to get numerous compliments. We often see photos of people in cute onesies at weird or unexpected places with the hashtag #hellokigurumi to be a part of the trending momentum.

Put on a Happy Dress!

Without a doubt, a kigurumi is a happy dress. It not only makes the person wearing it happy, but the flamboyant nature of the costume also spreads happiness to the people around and makes them want to hug you and take pictures of you and with you. We have seen nurses in children’s hospital wearing kigurumis and imitating different cartoon characters to spread positivity, joy and smiles on the faces of sick children.

Party Stopper

Street parties, day concerts, costume nights, cosplays and even Halloween can be a great occasion to steal the show. Everyone wants to be in the spotlight during a party. Kigurumis can be your way to do so. They are perfect for day-long concerts occurring during spring, fall and winters as these onesies require no extra jackets or hoodies.

Although, it takes courage to carry one of these through a busy crowd. You may encounter people clicking photos of you and children running after you, calling you by the name of the character you are wearing or even asking you to take pictures with them.

Party Stopper
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One for Every Mood

Feeling down, lazy or tired? Putting on this onesie while staying in bed on a lazy weekend can help you cope through any kind of mood. You can easily do the daily household chores wearing one of these, cook your favorite food and even work out. Always remember, your favorite animal can help you make it through a gloomy day.

One for Every Mood
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