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Your Kawaii Shop for Onesies & Kigurumis

Looking for an original kigurumi or animal onesie? Then Kiguki is the right place for you!

Kiguki, your premium Onesie Shop

We are your premium online Onesie Shop and Kawaii Shop and offer you a huge selection of great Kigurumis, Cosplays, Jumpsuits, One Piece Overalls and original Animal Onesies. Kigurumis are the costume hit from the Far East. The word represents a composition of the Japanese words “kiru” (=”wear”) and “nuigurumi” (=soft toy). Thus, kigurumis are plush toys to wear.

Kiguki is your onesie store for the coolest onesies and kigurumies.

Although it all started in Japan, the cute plush one-piece suits are now also very trendy in our country. Because the beautiful Kigurumis offer so much!

Kigurumis as cosplay!

With one of the great Kigurumis from our store you are fine out, because they are cut so wide that YOU can easily still wear street clothes underneath. You’re wrapped up warm and you look great too.
In fact, the kigurumi is a complete costume in one piece, including the hood. All you have to do is put on matching shoes and apply a little makeup if you like, and you’re all set.
Whether carnival parade, carnival, Halloween or cosplay party – the original animal Onesie always ensures a great appearance, even for cosplayers!
Huge selection of Kigurumis and Onesies at Kiguki
Of course, it’s especially great that there’s practically nothing that doesn’t exist when it comes to kigurumis. On the one hand, you have a huge selection of animal motifs to choose from, from bats to kangaroos to rhinos. We have gathered these and countless other options for you in our Onesie Shop. YOU just have to decide – but of course: If you have the choice, you are spoiled for choice. So go ahead, find your dream Onesie:

  • Animal Onesie
  • Pikachu Onesie
  • Stitch Onesie
  • Totoro Onesie
  • Kigurumi
  • Jumpsuits/ Overalls
  • Kawaii fashion

Pajamas for cold days

In addition to being a house suit or onesie pajamas for comfortably lying on the sofa, for the same reasons the kigurumi is also suitable as especially cozy and warm pajamas for cold winter nights or when camping. While others shiver, you have it warm and cozy in the animal Onesie.
Original Kigurumis – ideal for carnival, Halloween and cosplay event!
If you’re not spending Carnival in Brazil, then you’re faced with the fact that the fooling season in our country falls during the cold season. Surely you too have stood in despair in front of the typical costume selection and wondered how you are supposed to endure the Shrove Monday parade so scantily clad in sub-zero temperatures or at best just above freezing. And after all, it hardly makes sense to put a warm jacket or coat over the costume, because then you won’t see the good piece.

The Kiguki team is here for you

Once you have decided, you can easily order your Onesie by mouse click and get the good piece delivered directly to your home. Our delivery service is convenient & and reliable!
Besides animal onesies, we also have a lot of cartoon and comic Kigurumis, and fantasy motifs for you.
By the way, Kigurumis are especially great as a disguise for children, because you are so comfortable and absolutely nothing can slip, because they are one-piece (jumpsuits).
Any questions? Then please contact our customer service via email or chat. The Kiguki team will be happy to help you!